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GAPSYM9: Trading places. The role of trade with Africa (Deadline 1 August 2015)

Potential topics include, but are certainly not limited to, analyzing the impact of

  • the diverse effects of treaties with Africa;
  • trade or development policies conceived by nation states, multilateral organizations or NGO’s;
  • specific economic mechanisms such as micro-financing and fair trade;
  • issues of land grabbing;
  • the proliferation of informal vs formal trade;


  • political policy making and urban development planning;
  • changes in the built or natural environment;
  • physical and psychosocial well-being, particularly of vulnerable groups or minority populations;
  • changing socio-cultural patterns, behavior and conceptions of modernity;
  • the role and responsibility between trade partners, the state, and private citizens;
  • the reactions and responses within different groups of societal actors.

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