Seminar 1/6

Keele University, U.K, January 22-23, 2015

Audio: Opening remarks by Prof. Sangeeta Khorana

Papers and Presentations 
*Unlinked materials are either at Author’s request or yet to be submitted
Day 1_Session 1  
Philip Hanke University of Berne, Switzerland Managing migration through international agreements: FTAs as an instrument of global migration governance Slides
Daniel Schade London School of Economics, UK EU-Andean Community Free Trade negotiations: Competitive bullying or force for good Slides
Day 1_Session 2      
Tristan Kohl Groningen University, Netherlands Do Trade Agreements Stimulate International Trade Differently? Evidence from 296 Trade Agreements Slides
Konstantinos Konstantaras Heriot-Watt University, Dubai Regional Free Trade Agreements: Has the Barcelona Declaration promoted Trade Flow Convergence Slides
Bakr Ali University Utara, Malaysia The Influence of Corporate Governance Strength on the Symptoms of the Financial Crisis Slides
Day 2_Session 1  
Peg Murray Evans York University, UK Agency, Resistance and Regional Disunity: Negotiating an Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Southern Africa Slides
Jonathan Bashi-Rudahindwa School of Oriental and African Studies, UK The Role of integration through law in Tripartite African FTA Slides
Sophie Soete Leuven University, Belgium Dissecting the Trade Effects of Europe’s Economic Integration Agreements Slides
Day 2_Session 2  
Clair Gammage Cardiff University, UK Constructing a model of development for ‘North- South’ RTAs and the road to ‘equal’ partnership Slides
Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso Georg-August Universitaet, Goettingen Core labour standards in FTAs: are they improving labour conditions in developing countries Slides
Lore Van den Putte Ghent University, Belgium From Human Rights to Sustainable Development: The surprising rise of labour standards in EU trade agreements Slides
Day 2_Session 3  
Adrian Smith Queen Mary University of London, UK Tips for Publishing Successfully Slides