Seminar 2/6

London School of Economics, U.K, June 30-July 1, 2015

Audio: Opening remarks by Prof.Sangeeta Khorana

Papers and Presentations
*Unlinked materials are either at Author’s request or yet to be submitted
Day 1_Session 1 (Plenary)  
Lars Nilsson European Commission, Brussels Insights into EU Trade Policy Making and FTA developments Slides
Brendan Vickers Commonwealth, Secretariat, UK Building Trade for development Partnerships: perspectives from the commonwealth Slides
Tony Herron York University, UK An agreement too far? Transatlantic free trade and the changing global order Slides
Day 1_Session 2      
Marjolein Derous Ghent University, Brussels The EU-Singapore FTA: trade and promoting democracy Slides
Gabriel Siles-Brugge Manchester University, UK Civil Society groups and TTIP Slides
Day 1_Session 3  
Guillaume Van Der Loo Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels The EU’s ‘deep and comprehensive’ FTAs with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia: a new generation of EU trade agreements?” Slides
Katharina Meissner European University Institute, Italy Living in a material world: Comparing the EU’s foreign trade policy towards South America and Southeast Asia Slides
Daniel Schade London School of Economics, UK From Partnership and Association to Development-assisted Free Trade: Changing Discourse and approaches in EU-Latin American Free Trade negotiations Slides
Magdalena Frenhoff-Larsen University of Westminster, UK EU-India FTA: new dynamic in EU trade negotiations Slides
Day 2_Session 1  
Jappe Eckhardt Simon Fraser University, Canada The Politics of Global Value Chains: Import-dependent Firms and the Signing of EU-Asia Trade
Elitsa Garnizova London School of Economics, UK Many neoliberal ideas and one Directorate-General for Trade: constructing EU’s collective preference’ Slides
Lucie Xian Qia University of Oxford, UK A network analysis of EU-China Free Trade Negotiations Slides
Dominique Bruhn German Development Institute(GDI)-Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Germany Coverage and enforceability of investment rules in PTAs: the role of global value chain trade and regulatory differences’ Slides
Day 2_Session 2  
Clair Gammage Bristol University, UK Social Norms and Labour Standards in EU FTAs: A Legal Perspective Slides
Deborah Martens Ghent University, Brussels EU Social Trade Conditionality in Action: the Case of Costa Rica Slides
Pawel Frankowski Jagiellonian University, Poland Labor standards and external promotion of European norms Slides
Lisa Lechner University of Salzburg, Austria The European Union’s Role in Setting Global Standards for Non-Trade Issues in Preferential Trade Agreements: A Network Approach’ Slides
Day 2_Session 3  
Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso Georg-August Universitaet, Goettingen How Deep FTAs and the Quality of Institutions affect Eastern Partnership Countries Trade Slides
Konstantinos Konstantaras Hellenic Open University, Greece Trade flow convergence and ‘politically correct’ FTAs’ Slides
Yvonne Sperlich Geneva University, Switzerland Practical Tools for Monitoring Convergence and Development focusing on Integration Areas Slides
Louise Curran Toulouse Business School, France Contesting a place in the sun: On ideologies in foreign markets and liabilities of origin’ Slides