Seminar 5/6

German Marshall Fund, Brussels, July 7-8  2016
Papers and Presentations
*Unlinked materials are either at Author’s request or yet to be submitted
Day 1_Session 1
Lars Nilsson European Commission DG Trade EU trade policy: Recent progress and analytical advances’ Slides
Peter Chase German Marshall Fund The Societal Implications of Regulatory Cooperation in Trade Agreements – Lessons (?) from TTIP? Slides
Day 1_Session 2
Guillaume Van der Loo Ghent European Law Institute & Centre for European Policy Studies Mapping out the scope and contents of the DCFTAs with Tunisia and Morocco Slides
Adrian Smith & James Harrison Queen Mary University of London & Warwick University Governing Labour Standards through the European Union’s Trade Agreements: Civil Society and the Limits of Dialogue and Cooperative Engagement Slides
Lore van den Putte Ghent University Assessing the impact of the trade-labour linkage: an inductive framework Slides
Day 2_Sesion 1
Myriam Oehri & Deborah Martens Ghent University Developing a Civil Society Involvement Index Slides
Niels Gheyle Ghent University Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a politicized issue Slides
Tobias Leeg Freie University Berlin Form Follows Function: Social Standards in U.S. and EU Free Trade Agreements Slides
Day 2_Session 2
Annelien Gansemans, Deborah Martens, Marijke D’Haese & Jan Orbie Ghent University ‘Are good labour standards conducive for exports to the EU? A qualitative comparative analysis of the determinants for pineapple exports to the EU’ Slides
Subhash Jagdambe ISEC-ADRTC Bangalore Effects of ASEAN-India Free Trade agreements on Agriculture Trade: Evidence from Augmented Gravity Model’ Slides
Sophie Soete & Jan Van Hove University of Leuven Economic and Political Determinants of Bilateral Trade Negotiation Outcomes’ Slides
Day 2_Session 3
Shintaro Hamanaka Institute of Developing Economies IDE-JETRO Expansion of TPP and Implication to Europe’ Slides
Deepak Pandya University of Hamburg EU-India Relations: Obstacles to FTA and deep economic cooperation Slides
Antoine Bouet & Jeanne Metivier Bordeaux University Is the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure fair for Developing Countries?


Day 2_Session 4
Kunal Sen University of Manchester Impact of FTAs on Poverty’ Slides
Brendan Vickers Commonwealth Secretariat RTAs and the SDGs: Achieving Inclusive Trade and Development’ Slides
Mansoob Murshed International Institute of Social Studies The Channels through which FTAs effect Employment’ Slides