Seminar 7

GIFTA Special Workshop in Partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat London, UK, February 6 – 7, 2017

Background Information

This event is part of ESRC funded research project entitled ‘Transformations in Global Governance: Integration via Free Trade Agreements’ (GIFTA) scheduled on 6 and 7 February 2017 in London. The extended the GIFTA project seminar series into a 7th seminar were deliberations centered around the theme of Trade Policy post Brexit. It was a technical consultation seminar of independent experts on direction of UK trade policy post Brexit. The aim of the Workshop is to improve evidence-informed policy and practice by facilitating mutual engagement between academic, business and policy communities around current and future policy needs following the vote to Brexit. focusing in particular on the following issues:

  • UK’s Trade Priorities after Brexit
  • Brexit and the Perspective of Businesses
  • Brexit and Consequences for Global Trade Relations
  • Brexit and Public Policy
  • Brexit and Developing Countries

Papers and Presentations:

Day 1_Session 1
Dr Angus Armstrong National Institute of Economic and Social Research UK’s Trade Priorities after Brexit


Dr Peter Holmes University of Sussex UK Trade Landscape after Brexit



Dr Swati Dhingra London School of Economics Impact of Brexit on Foreign Investment in the UK


Day 1_Session 2
Dr Mohammad A. Razzaque Commonwealth Secretariat, London


Post-Brexit UK-ACP Trading Arrangements: Issues and Perspectives  Slides
Dr Christopher Stevens Overseas Development Institute, London Brexit: Mapping the Research Agenda


Dr Emily Jones


Oxford University Brexit and making UK trade work for developments


Day 1_Session 3
Dr Kamala Dawar University of Sussex


Procurement after Brexit: the case of SME promotion  Slides
Professor Sangeeta Khorana Bournemouth University


What does Brexit mean for Public Procurement in the UK? Slides
Day 1_Session 4
Dr Clair Gammage


University of Bristol


Ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking?: Constructing the UK’s post-Brexit negotiating strategy


Dr Magdalena Larsen University of Westminster


Challenges of Negotiating a Post-Brexit FTA with the EU


Dr Tereza Novotná Université libre de Bruxelles


Any Future for a Transatlantic Free Trade Deal? Implications of Brexit for TTIP under Trump’s Presidency


Day 2_Session 1
Jonathan Portes Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Department of Political Economy, King’s College London


What next for Immigration to the UK following Brexit



Peter Bishop Deputy Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Trade challenges for UK businesses


Nicholas Gregory Dorset Growth Hub


Brexit and SME Access to Finance Slides
Day 2_Session 2
Dr Maria Garcia Bath University Post Brexit UK: What makes a desirable FTA partner? 


Dr Louise Curran Toulouse Business School The Impact of Brexit on Global Value Chains and Trade Governance Slides
Mansoob Murshed Institute of Social Studies, The Hague & Coventry              University


The Liberal Peace and Brexit


Day 2_Session 3
Dionisis Philippas


Konstantinos Konstantaras


ESSCA, Paris, France and University of Gloucestershire


Do FTAs promote long run trade openness? Evidence from the UK post Brexit Slides
Elitsa Garnizova London School of Economics Whatever works: Negotiating Non-Tariff Measures in EU Trade Policy Slides