Workshop 1: General Trends in FTAs

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ESRC Seminar Series 1st Workshop

Free Trade Agreements in a Changing Landscape of Global Governance

22 and 23 January 2015

Keele University ST5 5BG (United Kingdom)

A message of thanks to the participants in the ESRC-GIFTAproject Seminar Series 1

Thank you for your participation in and contributions to the 1st Workshop on FTAs. We would like to share Keele workshop memories and solicit your feedback on the programme and organization so that the next event can be even better!

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Social media

Key moments of the conference will be made available on the website and on GIFTA Twitter account: When posting your photos and impressions on Twitter, please use #GIFTAproject

Also link with us on Facebook @ GIFTAProject.

A selection of photos can also be viewed here.

Blog posts and website articles

Should you wish to contribute your publications and working papers on FTAs please let us know and we will be glad to upload your work.

Papers and presentations

Note that all abstracts, papers and PowerPoint presentations of the Workshop sessions are available on the website.

Contact details

Contact details of the advisory committee are available on the website’s About us page.

Contact details of the GIFTA team are available on the Network page.