Seminar 4/6

Bath University, UK,  January 28-29, 2016
Papers and Presentations
*Unlinked materials are either at Author’s request or yet to be submitted
Day 1_Session 1
Micheal Smith University of Warwick The Meanings of TTIP: Reflecting on the Perils and Promises of Transatlantic Negotiations Slides
Brendan Vickers Commonwealth Secretariat TTIP and Developing Countries Slides
Day 1_Session 2
Tereza Novotna UniversitéLibre de Bruxelles TTIP Negotiations and the Balance of Power: Rise and Fall of Foreign-Policy Actors Slides
Day 1_Session 3
Alim Baluch University of Bath Democracy, Trade Negotiations & Revised Functionalisms  Slides
Jan Stuckatz London School of Economics Politicisation of TTIP: Public Salience and Group Mobilisation Slides
Day 2_ Session 1
Arantza Gomez Arana University of Birmingham Effect of TTIP on Mercosur  Slides
Oleksandr Shepotylo & Karen Jackson University of Bradford Does TTIP change the cost of Britain’s Exit from the EU? Slides
Michelle Egan American University (via video-conference) TPP, TTIP and the changing dynamics in the US Congress Slides
Day 2_Session 2
Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan Purdue University New Developments in Trade Policy Modelling: Advances in CGE approaches Slides
Day 2_Session 3
Chad Damro University of Edinburgh TTIP and Market Power Europe Slides